Our Mission ~
To provide financial support to Needy and Meritorious students in post-secondary education for higher professional studies, in India ans US.
To provide support to various natural disaster relief, both in US and abroad.

GSCA Philanthropy 2020 Update ~

We’re currently supporting 6 Plainfield High School, NJ students on their college journey. We’re also currently supporting 27 students in post-school education scholarships (11 in Medicine, 9 in Engineering, 3 in BSc/MSc and 4 in Nursing) in India.

Over the years, we have supported multiple Plainfield High students for many years now. Our post-school scholarships over the last few years have also helped in the education of 14 MBBS graduates, 3 Engineers, 2 Nurses, 1 Cost Accountants, and 2 BCom students, helping them realise their dreams. To provide financial support to Needy and Meritorious students in post-secondary education for higher professional studies, in India ans US.

List of India Students who graduated with of help of GSCA Scholarship Program :

Sourav Duloi MMBBS – 2015
Laxmikanta Gorai MB.Tech – 2016
Chandan Kotal MB.Tech – 2016
Joydeep MukherjeeMB.Tech  – 2016
Alahim ShaikhMMBBS – 2017
Uzzal  Mandal  MMBBS – 2017
Shirshak sahaMCost Acct. (ICWAI) 2016 
Priya KarmakarFBSC. Nursing -2017
Sujata MaityFMBBS – 2018
Mohan GayanMMBBS – 2019
Arjun AkhuliMMBBS – 2019
SabyaSachi DeMMBBS – 2019


What we do

Give a helping hand to Needy and Meritorious students in post-secondary education.

Collect Donations from individuals coupled with GSCA contribution and send it over to needy students.

Channel all Philanthropic efforts in GSCA both in US and abroad for various activities including Uttarakhand disaster relief, Haiti earthquake , Aila etc.

Student List ( As of May’ 2019)


Since 2012, GSCA awarded one time scholarship to 23 PLAINFIELD HIGH SCHOOL , NJ Students.

Darwin Garrido
Edwardo Flores
Chante Whyte
Sonaya James
Tracy Djenie
Yanely Tepepa Rosales
Justine Salinas Bayes

This year we have received 32 applications from the Plainfield high School and Plainfield Academy Advance Arts School students. Philanthropy Committee members and Volunteers looked through these applications more than a week and selected eight applications for the interview to select six students. Five of us interviewed the students, and we selected seven students for the GSCA scholarship. It was heart braking for us to drop one student. Many thanks to GSCA members and Patrons for supporting the good Cause. Specially, Dr. Biren Pramanik and Wells Fargo Bank for their large contribution to Plainfield High school students. The school Principal, teachers and even custodians appreciates for this scholarship. This year more students wanted to know about GSCA and asked lots of questions about GSCA which was encouraging to us.

GSCA Philanthropy Committee. 2019.

List of student in India

GSCA is supporting 27 Students in India: 12 MBBS, 4 Nursing, 9 Engineering & 2 Commerce

2019 GSCA Philanthropy committee update

1 Sankar Hazra(Male) MBBS 3rd Year
2 Sanat Mandal(Male) MBBS 4th Year
3 Subhadip Kandar 2015(Male) MBBS 3rd Year
4 Madhurima Saha(orphan) (Female) B.Com HR.2nd Year
5 Subhomoy Saha(orphan)(Male) B.Com HR.2nd Year
6 Chetana Ghosh 2016 F MBBS 3rd Year
7 Ranjan Paul 2016 M MBBS 3rd. Year
8 Beauti Bir 2017 (Female) Nursing 2nd Year
9 Amrita Sarkar 2017 (Female) MBBS 3rd. Year
10 Kartik Mahanta 2017(Male) MBBS 2nd. Year
11 Bapan Ghosh 2017(Male) B.Tech 2nd Year
12 Tanmoy Ghosh2017(Male) B. Tech 2nd Year
13 Pauel Gorai 2017 (Female) Nursing,gnma 2 Year
14 Keya Pal 2017 (Female) B.Tech 2nd Year
15 Bikram Mandal(Male) B.Tech 2nd Year
16 Purnima Garai 2018(Female) MBBS. 1st Year
17 Sayak Tah 2018(Male) MBBS 1st Year
18 Arijit Sen 2018(M MBBS. 1st Year
19 Soumya Kirtania 2018(Male) MBBS 1st Year
20 Sourish Kumar Jana 2018(Male) B.Tech 1st Year
21 Shiuli Garai 2018 (Female) B. SC. Nursing 1st Year
22 Susmita Koley 2018 (Female) GNMA Nursing 1st Year
23 Rahul Laha 2018(Male) Polytechnic C. Engg. 1st Year
24 Piyasa Das2018 (Female) Polytechnic E. Engg. 1st Year
25 Hrindhan Sinha 2018(Male) P.Technic Stream-Dee. 1st Year
26 Bijan Mandal 2018(Male) P. Technic Electrical. 1st Year
27 Arindam Sarkar 2018(Male) MBBS 1st Year