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Donate generously to Garden State Cultural Association's Scholarship Fund for the needy Meritorious Students.

An Appeal for Scholarship Fund of GSCA

Dear Members and Patrons of GSCA,

On the occasion of Durga Puja celebration of 2016, we offer our heartfelt friendship and goodwill to you all. With your generous support for our philanthropic activities, GSCA was able to provide financial support to fifteen underprivileged students in the fields of Engineering, Medicine and Nursing in 2015-2016 session. We are very happy to report that several students graduated with our assistance entering the job market in 2016. They are:

Sourav Dolui: MBBS
Laxmikanta Gorai: BS in Electrical Engineering
Chandan Kotal – BS in Textile Engineering
Joydeep Mukherjee – Diploma in Electrical Engineering

We are able to continue scholarship of the remaining 11 students for the 2016-2017 session, and even added three needy Medical students to that list. In addition, we offered scholarships to two graduating students in 2016 from Plainfield High School - Augustina Lopez and Tammia Rosero. The complete list of all students with their pictures are provided in this brochure.

Our reserve to continue supporting the existing students until the completion of their studies is limited. We need your help so that the studies of those needy students do not come to a rude interruption. On this auspicious occasion, when Bengalis celebrate the festivities with joy and happiness, with good feelings for each other, we appeal to you to make your tax-deductible donations count to make positive changes in the lives of needy aspiring students. For that we need your support. Please make a tax-deductible donation to GSCA Scholarship Fund with a minimum amount of $25, and more if you can.

You may make your tax-deductible donation by the following means:
• Go to our website (WWW.GSCA.US), click on philanthropy, click on donate.
• Write a check payable to GSCA, note Scholarship Fund in the memo section, and mail to GSCA, P.O. Box 308 , Scotch Plains, NJ 07076


GSCA Philanthropy Committee

Donate generously to Garden State Cultural Association's Scholarship Fund for the needy Meritorious Students.

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