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Confinement- when I was growing up in a small town –   as a teenager , I was imprisoned in my own ways,  actions and boundaries…  hostaged to my own thoughts and processes and trying to break free with my actions. When got stuck with the imprisonment of staying indoors- I comprehend that life is all about living the way it comes to you…

A transition till date that has happened, as I travelled across the seas , became independent. I interact with countless  people – the cross country culture, the quiescence of growing up in our times  has made me fall in love with the freedom more than ever!!!

And just when I thought that finally I broke free, Voila !!! we are stuck and the humanity is challenged!!! Likewise, life must be lived to imperfection and I believe it ends in a new life …. that is what Durga puja is all about-

 Indeed, the first two to three days and nights of Panchami, Shosti and Saptami are filled with the promise of fun and fulfilment that lie ahead. New clothes come out in a burst of colors. Music, whether mellifluous or cacophonous, blare out in a heady orchestra, unconcerned like youth, to the effect it may be creating. The scent of fresh flowers and fruit offerings fill the air. The dazzle of the flashing lights chases away dark thoughts of imminent transience.

As we set on Ashtami, we begin to slump into a depression. Ashtami, Old and Wise will now begin the descent into Nabami and finally Dashami. From dust Durga will return to Dust. 

But we reassure ourselves, “ashchhey bochhor aabar hobbe”.  (Next year, it will happen…all over again.) Like reassurannce…the Goddess will return to life again and so shall we return to normal again ….