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I was just sitting at my desk listening to my teacher’s boring talk when all of a sudden the classroom door swung open and there he was, Mr. Brant, the school principal. “May I speak to…” He paused looking around the room until his eyes met mine. He looked at me up and down in disgust, then continued his sentence. “Jackson.” 

I smiled. Finally… I won’t have to be in class with Mrs. Ace talking about boring science all day and I can finally stay away from my tedious classmates. Someone behind me whispered to someone quite loudly as if wanting me to hear her. 

“Oooh! Someone’s in trouble! I hope he gets expelled after this. I wouldn’t want to see such a person again.” Sarah said, looking at me smiling obviously feeling no pity for me. She and I don’t get along at all. I just rolled my eyes at her and went back facing the principle. 

“Come on! Don’t just stand there! Let’s go! In my office now!” Said the principle in a very serious tone. So I did. I followed the principal as we passed by all the hallways until we finally faced the principal’s office door. 

 “IN!” He said as he went inside and slammed the door right in front of my face. Does he really think he can scare me? No way. 

 “I see that you have stolen a very precious trophy of ours and I hope you know that we dont let things go away so easily. From today you are expelled!” 

 I grinned. 

 “Oh! You are fine with that. You see…this will in fact affect your future. You are in eight grade and you should have proper behavior by now. In fact.There’s no need for you to be expelled actually. It’s not like you care about your future. So instead I will be kind enough to give you a punishment instead. Your punishment is that you will be in detention everyday and have extra homework everyday.” 

 My grin slowly became a sad smile. Is he serious! Detention for stealing a trophy and extra homework! No way! This is so unfair! I have been waiting for this moment my whole life! I wanted to be expelled and now I made it even worse for myself! I didn’t show my weakness though. I just went along with it. 

 “Ok so when does today’s detention start?” 

 “Now.” He said in a very very deep and scary tone. 

 Great. Detention. This was such a stupid plan for being expelled…wait… I smiled, not caring that the principle saw it. As I entered the room for detention to start, I started destroying things all over the place. Crushing tables….drawing on the walls. One of the walls said “I HATE THE PRINCIPLE!” I also chewed gum and stuck it to the walls. Until my fun was over when the principal stormed in the room, shocked. 


 “I just thought this room needed a little makeover.” I said smiling. 

 “YOU….ARE….EXPELLED!” Said the principle with his eyes wide and red as anger ran through his face. 


                                      At Home 


 As I layed down on my bed smiling like it was the best day of my life I whispered to myself, “Mission accomplished.” I said smiling with no sadness or guilt in me.